Do you often doubt yourself? Do you feel like you are sometimes settling for less in your life? Do you feel that you are capable of achieving so much more if given the opportunity?

  • I don’t have clarity
  • I’m too old
  • I’m not good enough
  • I don’t have enough skills
  • I’m afraid it’s the wrong choice
  • I don’t have enough time
  • I don’t have enough money

Any of these sound familiar?

Our stories can hold us back for ever discovering our true potential. They come in the form of excuses, fears, limiting beliefs, and a list of reasons that keep us stuck and playing small in our lives.

You are capable of so much more my dear! You are completely unique, there will never be another you and I firmly believe that you can achieve anything with the right attitude & mind-set.

The problem is…

We believe every thought that comes into our head!

You see the world that you have made, but you do not see yourself as the image maker”- Gabrielle Bernstein

This beautiful quote from the book (The Universe Has Your Back) really reminded me of how we can get in our own way in relation to REALLY working towards achieving our goals and dreams.

You become the thoughts you think.

If you believe the story that ‘I’m not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough and so on.” Then guess what, that is exactly what is going to show up for us in our lives over and over again. Those very thoughts are going to make you doubt your-self, and lower your self-esteem.

You are the one who is creating these stories!

When you repeat these stories to yourself over and over again eventually they become part of you.  They become so ingrained that you can feel safe and totally justified with all the excuses, and reasons why you haven’t yet sent that email, made that call, wrote that first chapter, ask for that pay rise, taken that risk, stood up for yourself  and so on.

Our thoughts create our future, and we have the ability to change our limiting beliefs, overcome our fears, and re-write our story so that we CAN achieve our goals and dreams.

Let’s do a quick ‘reality check’ exercise to help you let go of your old excuses so that you can re-write your old story and re-place it with a better one. By following the example below you will learn how to attract more of the things that will serve your goals, and less of the things that no longer serve you or your goals.

I don’t have clarity: Clarity comes with engagement not thought! You will never get clarity in your head, so you need to take action and just try it out!

I’m too old: You are never too old to try something new, DO NOT let this excuse hold you back! I know lots of people in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s doing amazing things!

I’m not good enough: How do you know if you haven’t even tried? Give yourself a chance. You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great!

I don’t have enough skills: You can learn the skills! You can learn to do just about anything on the internet today. Change your attitude!

I’m afraid it’s the wrong choice: You’re not going to know until you actually chose. There is no such thing as failure there are only opportunities to learn and grow!

I don’t have enough time: Time is all we have and it’s a precious gift. Make the time to do the things that you want in life. Life is too short.

I don’t have enough money: You’d be surprised about what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. Money is just a resource and you have an unlimited amount of potential and untapped resources within you just waiting to be discovered! If you really want something you will find a way.

You can also chose to use these re-frames as positive affirmations to help hard-wire them into your brain for even more success!

Self-Doubt = Procrastination

Because that’s what we do, we have a goal or an idea and instead of acting on it we focus on the “what if’s, we put obstacles in front of us that don’t exist, we doubt ourselves, we worry and then our minds get stuck in the negative and around and around it goes.

Negative thoughts produce negative feelings and negative outcomes, positive thoughts produce positive feelings and positive outcomes.

The secret missing ingredient to making all your dreams, goals and ambitions become reality is TAKING ACTION!

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