When you start to witness how your stress makes you feel. Right away you should be able to see why your life isn’t flowing. Stress makes us feel frazzled, depleted, angry and disconnected. It can even cause us physical pain when we take the time to notice!

Part of the problem is most of the time we are so busy pushing ourselves we tend to ignore the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of our stress. That is until our bodies start screaming at us to slow down!

When my body finally steps in I usually get vertigo! The body will eventually  find a way to slow you down. Unfortunately for many that’s when we find ourselves sat in the doctor’s waiting room worried about our health.

We don’t help ourselves

Life is full of choices and decisions we make every single day. You can chose to slow down, stop and take a step back from a stressor at any moment. You can choose to witness how it makes you feel. Only then will you truly begin to understand how much it is blocking your happiness.

Remember we create our reality with the thoughts we repeat. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. When it comes to our stressors (the things that cause us stress). It’s not the actual stressors that are triggering your stress response it’s your ‘reaction’ to the stressor that is causing the stress.

So take a moment to pause. Take a breath or two before you react, and chose to respond in a more positive way.

This very simple shift opens up an opportunity to choose a different response. We can choose to help ourselves by simply thinking a different thought.

Here’s a great example by Jack Canfield:

 E + R= O

Event + Response= Outcome

What Most People Do

When people don’t like the outcomes they are experiencing, most choose to blame the event (E) for their lack of results (O).

So you might blame the weather, lack of money, lack of support, your bosses or co-workers attitude and so on-but never yourself.

The deciding factor in success is not the external conditions and circumstances. It’s how you choose to respond (R).

If you don’t like your outcomes, change your responses.

By choosing a different response we can experience a completely different outcome

We can create a more positive outcome. That in itself will lead to a happy, healthier and less stressed you!

Happiness is something we can chose to experience more of in our lives.

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