“I’m so tired of attending everyone else’s needs, and never getting any time to myself. There never seems to be enough hours in the day. My head is so full I don’t even know where to start. I can’t go on like this. Why do I always seem to end up here?”

Get unstuck and learn how to prioritise your time around what matters most, so you can be more organised, less stress and enjoy more ‘me time’ minus the guilt!

Learn two simple exercises to get you unstuck!

  1. Be more organised and less stressed by learning how to prioritise what matters most to you.
  2. Ditch the guilt. Learn how to re-charge your batteries and schedule more ‘me-time’ into your week.

 ‘I feel guilty about taking time out for myself’…sound familiar?

  • Not understanding what are priorities are, comes at a great personal cost because we often wind up on the bottom of our ‘to do’ lists. Which=unhappy, unfulfilled, stressed, overwhelmed and basically a physical, mental and emotional mess!
  • We feel guilty about asking for help. Why? Because there are enormous expectations from society, media, family and friends about what our lives “should be like” and what we “should be doing.”
  • We pay the ultimate price and the cost is great. We put others needs before our own. We become people pleasers because we feel ‘too guilty’ to say no to other people’s demands or expectations.
  • “We strive to be super successful in all areas of our lives… and I often find myself stuck here.” What are we trying to prove? We need to STOP comparing ourselves to others who seem to have it ‘all figured out’ that they are somehow better than us. Super human does not exist!
  • We feel shame ‘I’m not enough’ because we cannot met these ridiculous unrealistic expectations that place too many demands on us, leaving us under a constant state of pressure and stress.
  • Continuing this never ending cycle of ‘setting ourselves up for failure’ over and over again in our lives. Inevitably leading us to blow our top, because let’s face it, that pressure needs to go somewhere right!

You wouldn’t let your phone battery die would you? 

  • Lose the guilt. “I have this crazy notion in my head that, ‘if I get this, this, and this done, THEN I can switch off.’
  • Fill your own cup! Spending time with yourself is time well spent because it makes you a happier person to be around. What good will you be to anyone if you eventually burnout? You can’t pour from an empty cup!
  • Take charge and re-charge! You deserve to enjoy some time to yourself without feeling the need to explain, defend or justify your self-care needs.
  • A high price to pay. The cost of being put on the bottom of our to do lists is constantly complaining ‘I never get any time to myself’ and we end up feeling overwhelmed, stressed, depleted, irritable, unhappy and not much fun to be around’.

Yet we still feel guilty about wanting to take a break? Why is that?

It’s called having no self-care boundaries. This basically means, you have no idea what your priorities are. This is why you feel like you are constantly going around in circles but never making any progress. Leaving you confused, depleted, frustrated, disorganised and stuck!

Let’s put this into perspective. What is more important than your health and well-being? Stop and really think about that….

  • Is having the house cleaned from top to bottom before the in laws arrive more important than your health and wellbeing when you are feeling completely exhausted and could be taking time out to relax & recharge?
  • Is checking that email or mindlessly scrolling your social media more important than your wellbeing when you can’t switch off, and could be spending that planning out your week so you can be more organised and less overwhelmed?
  • Is pushing on through your ‘to list’ when you feel stressed, depleted and overwhelmed more important than your physical, mental and emotional well-being?
  • Is answering the phone to that friend who is going to spend the next hour dumping all of her problems onto you, leaving you mentally depleted more important than your time and energy?

Constantly putting others needs before our own is a boundaries’ issue that needs to be addressed immediately. It’s time to learn how to put on your own oxygen mask on first because you have needs too.

Actionable step to get on top of your priorities!

Ready to learn how to be more organised and less stressed? Let’s take charge of your priorities right now! This simple exercise can help double your productivity! Planning and scheduling your week will save you time, free up mental head space and double your productivity so you can be more organised and less stressed.

  1. Grab a pen and paper and think about the next week ahead. Do a brain dump onto the page of all the things you need to get done.
  2. Also write down a list of all the important things that nurture, energise and support you.
  3. Prioritize all the things that are MOST important to you, and schedule those into your week first.
  4. Don’t forget to include some ‘guilt free’ me-time. Do this every week. This is your new TOP priority.

Understanding your personal boundaries helps you to prioritise and invest your time into things that actually matter.  It makes it easy to say NO to all the other distractions! You can free yourself of all the excuses, limiting beliefs, old patterns and habits that get in the way of creating the life that you want to be living.

Finally living a life that is on your terms, spending more of your time and energy doing the things that nurture, energise and support you so we can feel good about ourselves and live our lives with more joy, ease & flow.

You Matter! Having a weekly schedule and prioritising what matters most to you each week is a great start to establishing self-care boundaries.  Prioritising this simple exercise will help you learn to value yourself more and improve your self-worth.

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