The most valuable life lesson I’ve ever learned is that your attitude towards life can literally make you or break you.

I truly believe you can change your life by changing your attitude. Even when we find that we cannot change our circumstances we can always choose to see things from a more positive perspective.

“I hate my job, and I’m so tired of going into this hell hole everyday” (just as an example)!

Where your focus goes your energy flows. The more negatively you think about your job or whatever circumstance you are in, the more of that you are going to attract into your life. Then the more proof you will see that is going to back up that belief. And around, and around it goes!

Attitude is a choice.

  • You can decide to bring a positive attitude into work with you, and show up as your best self.
  • You can simply choose to smile and make the best of today and genuinely care about doing a great job.
  • You can choose to be grateful for all the small little blessings you get to enjoy every single day that we can easily take for granted.
  • You can put your focus and energy into helping others.
  • Or you can remain stuck, and complain! The choice is yours.

There is nothing more influential than having a positive attitude.

• People gravitate towards positive people. A positive attitude has a positive impact on every area of your life.

• Even during difficult times developing a more positive and optimistic outlook on life builds the kind of resilience that can move you through ‘playing the victim’ or ‘taking control’ over a situation in your life.

• I use to believe that life was working against me, and I constantly complained and struggled. Let’s face it there is nothing more miserable than being the person who constantly complains. Because to complain is to remain! Plus no one likes being around that for too long either!

• A simple shift in thinking can change all that. How about focusing on the solution instead! What can I do now? What action can I take right now?

• Having a negative attitude towards life keeps us stuck.

• Changing my attitude has helped to instil a powerful belief systems that says: Not matter what challenges I’m facing in my life today I believe that life is working for my greatest good. Therefore no matter what comes down the line. I know I will be able to handle it. How powerful is that right!

I chose to believe I can achieve anything with the right attitude, and so can you!

Now your turn? I’d love to know what has inspired you?