Learn to undo limiting beliefs like “I never have enough hours I the day, I don’t have the time, I’m too busy” so you can master your time and hardwire you brain for success.

Hey! Slow down girl you’re not super woman!

  • When your life mantra is “I don’t have the time, I’m too busy, there are not enough hours in the day” it puts your whole being under enormous pressure! Seriously it’s no fun feeing like you’re trying to cram everything in to the cracks in your life, just to stay ahead!
  • It’s not healthy and it’s not sustainable because we often sacrifice our own well-being needs for the sake of ‘squeezing something in’ to just get it done! But who sets these expectation I wonder? Ah hem!
  • It’s time to reflect, re-evaluate and honestly maybe re-wire some of those thinking patterns, because I honestly don’t think they support you in any way! Do you honestly think this type of thinking helps you achieve more?

In this Blog you are going to learn how to interrupt those thought patterns so you can actually change them for the better! You can finally slow down, manage your time better, and even double your productivity!

Time is all we have: Life is short and your time should matter! We all have the same amount of time in the day so change you attitude and become friends with time.

Excuses: I don’t have the time is a great ‘go to excuse’ but it does come at a great personal cost as we miss out on so much of the things that actually matter. Make the time to do the things you enjoy!

Out with the old in with the new: The trick is to catch yourself when you finding yourself using your old limiting belief and immediately replace it with the positive affirmation. That interruption to the thought pattern actually creates new neural pathways in the brain to hardwire in the new belief

For example here are 4 Powerful affirmations to help hardwire you brain to succeed

  1. Limiting belief: I don’t have the time

Positive Affirmation: I can create the time to do the things I enjoy

  1. Limiting Belief: There is not enough hours in the day

Positive Affirmation: There is always enough time when I prioritise my needs

  1. Limiting belief: I’m too busy

Positive Affirmation: I can make the time

  1. Limiting Belief: I’ll do it tomorrow

Positive Affirmation: I will start today and get this done on time

I know, it seems simple right?

And it is. But I’m not saying it’s easy. Because in order for it work, you must practice these affirmations until they become your new reality. It’s a process and practice, it may not feel true for you right now but keep practicing and it will eventually rewire your brain. Think of it as planting a seed. You don’t expect it to turn into a tree overnight!

Now you try!

What are some of the beliefs that you have about yourself, that if you changed them could have the most positive impact on your life?

Write them down now, and start re-framing them so you can undo these limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, only keep you stuck and hold you back from discovering your true potential!

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